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Sister Sharon Surrenders

Sister Sharon became a member of our church in 2006.  She surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ, repented and

was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.  Leaving behind a world of drug use and sinful activities Sister Sharon is

living in joy with our Lord.  God has blessed her abundantly.  She is currently working full time, attending school on

a part-time basis and has been clean and sober since her surrender to Lord.  Sister Sharon states “The Lord  Jesus

Christ has blessed me and I have kept the faith.  This has been a wonderful and peaceful journey.  I want to thank

the Lord for all he has done for me."


Little Brian Busto


Little Brian looks at the camera as his father holds him with joy.  Several years ago, Brian was brought to the Doctor because

he was not feeling well.  The Doctors performed diagnostics and further testing and found a tumor the size of a lemon in

his brain.  Doctors informed Brian's parents that he only had a 50/50 chance of surviving a risky brain operation to remove

the large tumor.  The Doctors recommended that the Busto family seek help from UCSF, a premier brain tumor facility. 


The Busto family Pastor requested our Pastor to visit and pray for young Brian.  The SF Apostolic Church took Brian and his

family under our wing and supported them both physically and, most importantly, spiritually.  Brian became a focus of our

church's prayers for healing during his long stay at UCSF.  During the operation, the Doctors found an unforeseen direct

"path to the  tumor", which miraculously allowed them to remove 90 percent of the tumor.  A full brain scan was perform on

Brian several days  after the operation. The other 10 percent of the tumor which was assumed to have been left behind was

not found!  This left the Doctors all puzzled and caused them to state that “this was a miracle."  Brian remains in good health

to this day.  Amen!


The Busto family, a family of strong faith, praises and thanks our Lord Jesus Christ for this miracle.  While the Lord was

performing this miracle for Brian, Mr. Bustos was instrumental in providing spiritual guidance to other patient parents.  He

counseled one parent, whose child was dying, to get in direct contact with the Lord and pray for their child's healing.

The parents listened to Mr. Bustos' spiritual advice and prayed for the Lord to heal their child.  Miraculously, the child was

healed, and that family and child was able to leave UCSF, even before Brian's departure!  Praise the Lord!!